New stuff from me.

2008-02-26 02:17:18 by G-i-b

I have recently set up a Deviantart account check out some of my art!

Also be sure to visit my Youtube and watch the latest trauma inducing videos!

Check out an animation I did for a real estate website at Hotspotting !!!

New stuff from me.


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2008-02-26 03:39:38

Will do. Nice artistic display.

G-i-b responds:

Thanks :)


2008-10-18 01:38:43

Have you thought following pakanjo's example and make a banjo kazooie flash because that series was the best of 1998!


2008-10-18 01:40:52

Do all the greatest artist come from australia?

G-i-b responds:

I'd like hope so.